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What some clients have to say.

With over 17k followers on Facebook, almost 25k followers on Twitter, over 24k connections on Linkedin, over 18k followers on Instagram and over 2k subscribers on Youtube, I can help you to expand and nurture your social media presence and activity. 

It's ALL YOU Tracy -- your brilliance, your drive and your fabulous internet marketing insights made A Higher Bid debut as #1 New Release in Business and Finance on Amazon and the #1 Best Selling Kindle book in Nonprofits and Charitable Organizations!
From the bottom of my heart -- thank you!

Bayou and I wanted to write to say how amazingly happy we are about the way our landing page is coming out. 

It is so so exciting. 

You guys are truly the best at sales, positioning, branding, marketing, making someone want to buy.... 

This is something that really completes our offering and we cannot thank you enough for everything you do. 

Felt compelled to write this. I'm working with Tracy on my "action guide" and it's components and I want you to know this lady is no joke! She holds your feet to the fire and makes you get the job done and I can truly say she is pushing me out of my comfort zone and it's o.k. I'm getting stuff done and it's coming together in the most professional looking manner. Loving it and thanking you Tracy R. The woman is a master at what she does.

Hi, my name is Margo Lovett and I'm here to tell you that when Tracy Repchuck tells you that she was able to run her business with just a landing page, you better believe it. Little did I know, it got me ready for my Oprah moment when I had two separate calls. One call: “I saw your landing page, now! I know exactly what it is that you do”, and out of that conversation comes an opportunity to speak. Same day, another phone call: “I saw your landing page, you are the perfect fit for Black Authors on Tour”, long story short, I'll be there.

 Let me tell you, Tracy will get you there headlong and it's a wonderful feeling, awesome feeling. So, start out with Tracy, get that landing page together and watch for your Oprah opportunities.